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Links of London store offers kinds of elegant jewelries for wholesale and retail, which is considered as a brand for modern design and cl***ic elegance. Wearing links London jewelry makes you out of ordinary in a crowd. Cheap links of London and best service is the shortcut for you to the high-quality life. Don't hesitate! is your best choice!However? In general women in the choice often focus only on earrings earring style. While ignoring his own face Cubic Zircon Jewelry ? Color and earrings match the beginning and style. Women should pay attention to what they like when they choose Links Of London.First of all stainless steel necklace. Should be aware of their own faces Which one. and then decide to choose a face is the opposite with its own shape earrings. Generally speaking? the side who face a similar round wear round or rounded edges of the earrings. you can offset the faces of the angular sense. On the contrary? if the choice of square or thinking side of a corner of the earrings. Face deficiencies will be strengthening. Round face Wholesale Thai Silver Jewelry?while women should have the selection of geometric-shaped earrings corner.Triangular faces of women? Should choose hanging earrings? and the shape of the above under the wide and narrow type is better because it kind of thin tip of the chin can give people the feeling of fullness. If the goose-type face? you can arbitrarily choose any shape earrings? because the face is wearing which styles of earrings are suitable.Secondly? we must pay attention to selecting the color of earrings? often make-up of women? it is best to choose colors with the eye make-up similar to earrings. For example? the red earrings the most appropriate match with the red dress similar. while the green or pale green with green earrings are better? and gray topaz earrings are suitable for brown-eyed woman.Furthermore? the skin tones of women? but also should pay attention to the selection of metal earrings skin more white? silver or platinum should choose the type of metal earrings; if yellowish color.

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