2011-Dec-14 - the chi flat iron sale middle

I know ladies, it sounds a little dramatic but the Chi hair straightener literally changed my life. At age twelve I realized my long thick fuzzy locks were not perfect. I wasn?t blessed with naturally curly hair or straight hair. I was stuck in the middle with the wave but also with dry frizz. I resorted to the messy hair knot on top my head on most days. My only luxury was the fact that I didn?t have to wash my hair for five days. Producing an oily look was only a dream. In twenty years I had bought every hair product and instrument know to man, except a Chi. From **** dryers to curling irons to hair straighteners nothing worked. I had my hair professionally straightened, conditioned and styled but the fuzz always came back. With the referral of a friend I went to a new hair dresser who completed my cut with a Chi hair straightener. It was the first time my locks actually looked healthy and straight as a board. I nearly p***ed out. Not only did my hair look this way when she was finished but for the next three days without maintenance.I immediately went on the internet to look for my new best friend. I found it at many places only to realize that is was going to be a large investment for hair equipment. The cheapest price I found for the one and a half inch plate was a hundred dollars. I determined that maybe just my hair dressers expertise did the spectacular job rather than the straightener. So, I continued my two hour hair process from wash to straighten for six more months. It was my birthday when I received my Chi hair straightener. Do you believe out of all people my husband; yes I said husband bought it for me. I had a piece of paper laying by the computer with Chi hair straightener written on it and he determined that would be my gift from him. I was a little weary that it wouldn?t work for me as it did for my hair dresser but the challenge was waiting.I washed my hair and started the long drawn out process of straightening. After twenty minutes my hair was dry, straight and fabulous. I couldn?t believe the difference. This flat iron not only straightened my hair but left it with the shine and health of a hair commercial. I went three days with no maintenance and suddenly I saw it, oil. It looked like my hair was dirty. I couldn?t believe that it actually looked like a normal head of hair that needed washed. My Chi took my hair process down to a quick twenty minutes and with little effort looked amazing. I ***ume my husband bought the flat iron because he was tired of waiting on me to get ready. What ever the reason, the Chi has made my life easier than I have ever imagined. No more getting up two hours early for work, no more worrying about getting my hair wet in the pool and no more horrible hair knots on top my head.

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