2011-Dec-23 - Dry Flat Iron chi flat iron hair

Just when you thought that the best flat irons with the most cutting edge technology is the last that you can get, then comes the new additions of the Wet-To-Dry Flat Irons. Although still new, these flat irons have sky rocketed with popularity, due to ease of use and time saved during the hair styling routines. There are several advantages with Wet To Dry Flat Irons, but the two biggest highlights are that Wet To Dry Flat Iron models completely cut out the hair drying process.Heat is applied only during the straightening process instead of first hair drying and then at straightening lowering heat damage to your hair by hair styling tools. So you are saving more time and hair damage by extra heat exposure. Believe it or not, these flat irons produce amazing results of straightening difficult or curly hair, than many of the regular flat iron models.Even though Wet-To-Dry Flat Irons are quit new in technology, several well known professional hair styling tool product lines have their own Wet To Dry Flat Iron styling tools, so if you are considering a new Wet To Dry Flat Iron, you will have several to actually choose from. To help with this decision, reviews are the best way to get information on the models being offered. The first flat iron to look at is the Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron. The Corioliss Company has come up with a Ceramic Far Infrared Heating System flat iron.The plates are 1.75 inch, enforced with Tourmaline and heat up to 430 F. It is variable in temperature settings while the biggest plus of this flat iron is that it only weighs 0.85 lbs!The next one is the Maxiglide- MX-597 One Step Hair Straightening Iron. This is a good model and less expensive than others, offering positively strong features. It is enhanced with Steam burst technology that releases small amount of steam to the areas of your head that may be slightly more stubborn for styling. The Maxiglide model also comes with two sets of ceramic plates and the plates have de-tangling teeth for easier brushing, while straightening instead of two steps of a separate brush and flat iron.The Farouk CHI Wet To Dry Flat Iron has a auto digital feature on the surface allowing convenience of seeing time and temperature settings.Even with three sets of Tourmaline plates it weighs just 2.05 lbs with a very sleek design and easy to use flat iron.

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