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By nature human being it seems that human being want what they don't have and my saying is not true with everyone then it is with maximum in some point or the other. And that is the reason why this old adage has been created that ?the gr*** always looks greener on the other side of the fence.? Why? It is unknown. But fortunately to quench the thirst the birth of several necessary gadgets has taken place. Take the case of hair. There are people fighting curls all their life and envying others with their long straight hair hoping to have the same for themselves while there are many people who desire to have curls. People with w****ver type of hair they have spend lot of fortune to achieve what they don?t have and look beautiful.Here are some of the ways that people follow and spend their bucks to get the change look. Today many kinds of hair straighteners are available in the market that will tame that m*** of curls and besides that balm, conditioners, sprays, and gels are also available for helping you to achieve that straight look. Anything mentioned over here can be best in their own way provided that they should be used properly. For instance chemical straightening should only be used by someone who knows what they are doing otherwise you can damage your hair to such an extent that is beyond repair. There are three basic types of hair straighteners and they are sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, and ammonium thioglycolate. It is important that a test strip of hair should always be straightened first to determine what strength hair relaxer to use to avoid any kind of mishap. But it is said that higher the PH in the product you use, the easier your hair will relax. So, after allowing staying the relaxer on hair for the required amount of time it is then rinse thoroughly and a neutralizer is applied on the hair immediately following this rinse. It regulates the hair's PH level and prevent swelling and breaking off. Following the neutralizer a conditioner is put on the hair. Normally a conditioner is applied before the relaxer and after the neutralizer depending on the shape of the hair. If you have used heat to straighten it periodically then it is strictly recommended to use conditioner. And if you find your hair badly damage then it is recommended that you should wait to apply a relaxer on your hair because this will further damage your hair texture.

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