2012-Jan-5 - by links of london wholesale the

Since the 1990's, the jewelry industry, the links in the commodity city of London on the unique advantages in developing buds as the flower in the spring of all links of London countries in the world, bringing as busy as bees in the decoration of the industry, "flower", the industry has brought order continuous business operator and economic benefits. The directors of the confusion, but happy is the first action by the elite address for adjustment in the way of brand building links, after more than a year, most of the links of London jewelry adaptation the company has completed its transformation in 2010, Links Of London at the Spring Festival is in design contest breakthrough in the atmosphere of the whole industry more confidence. Before the jewelry industry, the London links business model is mostly "under the old store after producing only" way, so you can make money without making links London brand charms. But today, in the domestic market house companies, because of their race, there would be uniformity of product branding, marketing met so difficult. In this reorganization of the brand industry, and businesses in London links necklace jewelry, ornaments, fine jewelry companies, a billion in sales in driving. These companies are not only in London charms links product development and increasing investment by companies selling links London with "fire bath", was the courage of decision making in the management of companies production, links of London jewelry construction design team to adopt a series of measures for the company by way of modern management and a significant increase in the compe***iveness of the main company, for its part, the winter is a new turning point of the company also "fitness" of opportunity. In the international market, except in some companies adhere to European and American market, many companies have changed their idea through to see links of London jewelry research, exhibition, sale of bonds in London and elsewhere regions, such as strengthening the initiative of Russia and Brazil, India, Africa and other countries and regions, marketing through various forms of these areas open new "Silk Road." From this year, a company has made great progress in these areas, links opened stores in London, without opening tens of millions of RMB is dedicated to foreign companies and companies related to cooperation in trade, the East shining bright " West "of the situation.

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